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  • Try this tonight

    Basically breathing techniques. A lot of science behind them; but itís only my theory (and probably a million others) that this will help a lot to do with the pre e more linked with performance anxiety, and unintentionally learned mind body feedback loops.

    Iíll skip the boring stuff , if this works for others I have another great step to include.

    Anywhere from 30 mins to 6 mins prior to a session, NO DISTRACTIONS . If this means you lock yourself in a bathroom with earplugs, do it, or you are wasting yoyr and your dicks time!

    Lay down comfortably on your back, one hand on your stomach. set a timer for 6 mins.

    Choose which is more comfortable. Breath deeply into your stomach for a count of 4, hold for 1, exhale for 5

    Or breathe in 4, exhale 6.

    The main point is the exhale is longer than the inhale.

    The closer you do this to the act will be better tested, if you can only do it 30 mins before Make sure the next 30 is chilled out, nothing stress related or anxiety provoking.

    Next part. Start doing whatever it is you like to do with your dick, about 1 minute in, as long as you make it that far. And at any time throughout your next trick will be this.

    It is a double deep inhale through the nose, and a long exhale through the mouth.

    The double inhale should be deep and strong and take about 1.5-2 Secconds. The inhale should be held as long as you can. I would try to do 2of these in a row every 1-2 mins , or as required if you thing it is working.

    You wonít pass out because you are nimit hyperventilating, you are actually reducing the co2 in your system which is a good thing.

    Hope some you you have some luck with this and Iíll see if is worth adding more to this.

    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 good luck. Please report back good or wasted of time and also if you know it the type or source of your pre e if you know it. Eg bad masturbation habit, anxiety, unbalanced pelvic floor, posture, porn induced etc

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    There is a lot to be said for meditative practice and breathing techniques...
    03/2015 Start <Able to last ~ 2 mins PIV>
    12/2019 EL: +2.2 MEG: +1 <Able to last 60+ mins PIV>