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RK suppose to stop IK?

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  • RK suppose to stop IK?

    I've read many times RK is suppose to help with IK. I believe i'm able to do RK easily but when i get close to PONR it always IK (twitches?). Maybe i am mistaken what IK are but when i get very aroused it just starts to twitch every other second. Am i just doing RK incorrectly or is that saying my PF is too tight? I've read a lot on it throughout the years without much success. RK don't seem to do much for me. I read somewhere you're able to lose the erection fairly quickly if you do RK correct which i an not able to do. Thanks in advance!

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    You need to do an out of sex rk routine as per so many threads and posts .


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      Thanks I will do! I've always kind of done them but gave up easily because it didn't seem to do much. I might also have been doing it incorrectly. Peeing faster is the front and the back one is like a you're letting out gas right? I feel like i've been doing them correctly but I will revisit it!