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  • Pre e advices

    Hello guys,
    First of all i m really sorry for my english, it is not my first language.
    I find myself in the last days in a bit of a tornado.
    I m 26 years old, quite active with girls. I ve never had a stable relationship as i am tremendously worried about not being able to satisfy my woman cause i came pretty fast (1-2 min)and i ve always preferred to keep distance.
    I had different sexual encouters in the last 10 years with different woman, i would find the somewhere kill myself with alcohol and the pre e problem wouldn t t exist in these situation.
    Different scenario if i want to fuck sober... panic and anxiety a fucking strong arousal(i m always full of precum even if we dotn touch) comes and taaaaccc.
    Before deciding to write this post i read everything in this forum, all the sticky and successful routine.
    I find myself now where i can edge with o without lube for as long as i want... i last ages with the stu aswell.
    I ve trained last year regulary with normal kegels and i can say that more or less i dont have IK anymore.
    What should i do? when i am with my new girl she can blow me for ages and nothing happen but by the time i insert it in, few trust and i m out. (arousal problem? too many regular kegel?snowball effect?)
    Again sorry for my english, hope that everything is understandable.
    thank you for your time

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    What exersice did you do to make you last longer with STU? How long it takes you to have success with STU.

    Very sad to hear that success with STU doesn't transfer to real sex.
    5/2019 Start: 5,2" NBPEL X 4,35" MEG
    10/2019 Bundled stretch: 5,6" NBPEL X 4,35"MEG
    10/2019 - 2/2020 Girth Exersices: on/off and no gains
    7/2020 Erect stretch: 6,25" NBPEL X 4,35" MEG

    Short term goal: 7" NBPEL X 5,5" MEG
    Long term goal: 8" NBPEL X 6,2" MEG


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      Last year i started edging without a proper routine... i bought a really expensive stu simply for my pleasure and i found that most of the time i have difficulty to finish with that and have to use my hand...
      i don t know what is going on when i start a real intercourse i simply get over exited and stressed and blow it in seconds..
      i think that i ve a slight tense pelvic floor and i started a reverse kegel routine leaving normal kegel for a while.
      Could my pre e be pushed by stress or over arousal?
      what u suggest?


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        i didn t do a proper exercise.. i simply "fucked it" how i liked, and had success the first time i used it without problems...
        i don t have idea why i ve this problem right now.. what do you think?


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          I think you should start a progress log .
          Since you have read "everything " you have doubtless come across the arousal threads start applying the info therin.


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            Yes i will, when i say "everything" i mean that i read al posts that i could find lead by panic..
            Today i am going to start with Drummer program followed by Byggd program.
            Hope that it is the right path.