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    I should have done this a long time ago but the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and the second best time is now. First off, my username is complete gibberish that I type randomly when making this account years ago. I have been lurking mostly around this site for the better part of a decade and sadly I did and very much still do have a rather severe case of PE.

    I am 26 years old and have basically avoided sex unless I'm completely hammered since I broke up with my first and only girlfriend that I had between 18-20. I basically cum in about 5-20 seconds consisntely during PIV sex and nearly that quick with porn which Ive given up completely. I always have assumed my issue is over arousal but I have always had a pretty obvious case of APT so I wouldn't be shocked if that's a major factor as well. Basically I'm trying to attack things on both fronts. I am hopeful that fixing my hips and posture can lead to drastic improvements because I have seen a few other guys on here with severe PE fix things with the physical side.

    Covid -19 has given me far more time at home to work on this stuff and I've been pretty good about it. For the last couple weeks Ive been primarily Hindi squatting and doing APT related exercises. I have a Fleshlight but not really in the best living situation to use and clean it and everything so for the time being i haven't really used it. On top of that I try to edge for at like 15 minutes before bumming. I have an issue with edging that i see so many others on here complain about with being able to mindlessly go forever but start thinking something sexy and basically immediately hitting the PONR.
    Basically going forward I plan on the following

    Hindi / Deep squats as much as possible but minimum 10 mins every day
    Bridges, Squats, Birdogs for Glutes 3x week
    Planks,Leg lifts, Dead Bugs etc 3x week
    Basically edge every day for at least 15 mins but no finish every time to dissociate orgasm from pleasure
    Cardio (running) 3x week for blood flow and general fitness
    Stretching whenever I can. Couch stretch / hip flexor stretching, adductors, happy baby pose, horse pose. quads, cat cows.

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    Lots of driving this week. Hips are tight so I've rolled my psoas and hip area with lacrosse ball.
    Did about 5 mins of hindi today.
    glute bridges
    dead bugs
    hip flexor stretch
    quad stretch

    I've been trying to hold a light RK whenever I can and pretty much whenever it comes to mind. If I do this for too long my testicles start to ache so I've been back off that a bit.


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      Busy weekend. Got in planks and some squatting today.

      I notice when I get initially aroused my body reactively doesnít a sort of reverse kegel which I take to be a good sign. Maybe itís always been that way and Iím just noticing now.


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          It doesn't apply to all but for many, the body and brain do what is necessary that you aim in your mind, if you intend to last longer, your body tries to release the PF. However, sometimes it doesn't have the means to do it. That's why when many even here on this forum have done their core training and done stretching, by just simply aiming to last longer, have achieved it.

          Squats are amazing, the main move to increase back and glutes improvement, and in shaped glutes really do miracle on PF, never avoid them.


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            Also going to start adding in chin tucks and cobra type poses. Just standing tall helps my hips tuck under with glute flexing. I once had a PT tell me sheís never seen someone so young with such a stiff thoracic spine so Iím going to really try to tackle this as well.


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              Yesterday I did a ton of glute work as well as abs so very sore today. Today I did some running as well as a back workout focusing on lower traps to help with slouching posture. Been feeling good putting in consistent work until tonight when I basically hit Ponr 30 seconds in. Kind of demoralized but Iíll be back to it tomorrow. RKs feel like bringing a plastic knife to a gun fight sometimes 😐.


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                More glute work today, bridges and clam shells. Also doing deep breathing with RKs, it takes a bit until my PF seems to really open up. Also a more posterior tilted position like a v sit helps get a deeper stretch with RKs. While edging this area clenches and I canít seem to be able to even begin to reverse kegel to relax it. Hoping that response will go away with postural fixes and less of a neurological thing which would be more to difficult to override.


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                  Did bridges and leg lifts today. Lots of bridges, bridge hold, and one leg variations yesterday. On both accounts (core and glutes) I feel like Iím improving and the exercises are getting easier. Unfortunately no significant improvement in lasting power but Iím happy with a glimpse of progress. I think I do better just trying to relax my pelvic floor muscles than trying to RK but I will continue to explore both.


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                    With a week or 2 of training you should not expect improvements. You are working on the main muscle, the glutes, which itself if properly developed can fix many problems of other muscles and tissues as well. Just to say, by an advance program of lifting and a good diet of macros and micros, and enough sleep etc. within 8 to 12 weeks the glute size and power can be improved between 8 to 12%. This is if everything is optimized. Most of us at start of the way need something above 20% improvements. Then as much as this muscle group is developing, it starts to develop your PF and other hip and back problems.

                    This said, a more progressive approach is not to forget about other core parts of your body, which I see you are mentioning it.

                    An advice would be as much as variation of bridges are good (I hope you have frog legged bridges as well to isolate glute muscles) for improvements, include variations of squats and one leg lunges (like Bulgarian split squat which can do miracles).


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                      Thanks for the advice. Ill look into the Bulgarian split squat. I actually do the frog legged ones occasionally. I should mention that I was pretty consistent for a couple weeks before starting this log but I was also thinking that the improvement could be due to more of a neurological thing more than actual muscle growth.


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                        Sigh - another poor session. My own fault I was playing with fire by using my imagination from the get go. Probably hit ponr 3-4 times within 5 mins and completely stopped but again lost control.
                        I was trying to take note of what my physiological response is to arousing thoughts and what leads up to ponr. Although my pelvic area felt somewhat loose relatively to what it has been in the past, I still get precum when Iím very aroused pretty immediately. I also feel tingling somewhere deep and between my shaft and belly button.
                        Not sure what to make of it but I guess just keep plugging away hard with the physical and postural work and then worry about arousal more later down the line if I must.


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                          Originally posted by rad5gbbr View Post
                          I was also thinking that the improvement could be due to more of a neurological thing more than actual muscle growth.
                          Not in case of this muscle and the function glute muscles have. They need size as well as coordination and power. Power in some muscle types is very closely corelated with their size to enable them perform their task biomechanically.
                          This doesn't apply to some other muscle groups such as your TVAs. Tone is much more important there.


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                            Honestly been slacking with the glute and core workouts this long weekend. About to 105 degrees where I am so itís tough to work our outside where I usually do.

                            Despite that Iíve actually been doing well with just trying to relax my pelvic floor rather than reverse kegels while edging.

                            Going to a chiropractor for some hip issues Iíve had for a while and may see what else he thinks about my posture.


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                              Did glute and core stuff yesterday. Ran a bit today with a back exercise. Focusing on mid back and cleaning up my shoulder rolling forward posture. Just want to post on here (To keep myself accountable) that I really need to be stretching out my hip flexors and quad more regularly.
                              Chiro told me pretty much nothing I didnít already know except that my ankles are ďstiff as sh*tĒ I played hockey all my life so that makes sense. Iím seeing one for muscle imbalances and posture stuff thatís been going on for maybe 2 years and Iíve had PreE all my life so I donít think itís super related although it must be to some degree.
                              I mentioned in the last post that I was slacking for a couple days and I think that has reflected in my edging failures today. I definitely feel tighter / jumpier in my pelvic floor today and yesterday.