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  • Confused - MY PE Log

    Hi all I am producing this log because I am commited in curing my PE once and for all this year. I have pretty much tried everything but the hard work and nothing has worked. I am a 36 married man who has only had PE the last couple of years and it has totally wrecked my confidence. Tried all the quick fixies but to no avail. there is more about my situation in the link to my other post below.

    If anyone can read my logs and give me any tips to any problems I encounter or are in a similar situation then I would be grateful.

    Day 1
    Spent 10 minutes meditating laid flat on the floor and specifically focused on my breathing, been using at app called Calm. Also did 5 minutes worth of Hindi squat, can manage around 1 minute a squat at the moment and did them 5 times tat various times through the days. That evening I edged without any stimulation, I spent 5 minutes just caressing my body and trying to understand different reactions in my body. I then spent 15 minutes edging, took me roughly 8 minutes to hit my first POR too which I slowed down and was up and down all way to the 15-minute mark and did not ejaculate. All in all, a good first day.

    Day 2
    Again Did 10 minutes meditation and focused breathing which I seemed to focus more on this, and again I edged for 15 minutes though this time my EQ was at around 80% , again I roughly encountered my first PONR at around 7 minutes mark and slowed down and stop a few times and tried to stay at the plateaux stage till the 15minute mark and again did not ejaculate. I also had done 5 minutes worth of Hindi squats that day.

    Day 3
    Unfortunately, due to work/family commitments I was only able to fit in 10 minutes of meditation today.

    Day 4
    I had sex twice today and both performances were disappointing, but a positive I could gain was that I understand what my body was doing before I ejaculated. The first time my wife-initiated sex by been naked and rubbing her ass against my peniss to make me fully erect, I was only at 70% eq and after a couple of thrusts I was nearly ready to ejaculate. I managed to lay her on her back but after a few pumps I was gone.
    1. I noticed that my heart rate was through the roof before penetration and that I was shaking and generally nervous, and also this seemed to affect my erection with it reaching about 80% EG
    2. The PONR feels totally different during sex compared to edging, in sex I soon as I felt the PONR approaching that was it where when I edge, I can seem to handle it better.

    30 minutes later we had sex again, and same performance of 20 seconds penetration showing the same signs of raised heartbeat and nervousness. I think I started a thread up on struggling to find the cause of my PE, I am now sure it is PERFORMANCE ANXIETY.

    Day 5
    Did 5 minutes worth of Hindi squats along with 10 minutes of meditation.

    Day 6
    I edged today for 15 minutes but my EQ was not the best, I was using memory only and kept roughly at 70% EQ, pushed the boundaries more towards the PONR and stayed near the PONR more which was more intense. Unfortunately, I pushed my luck and ejaculated unplanned around the 14-minute mark. Was a little disappointed but hey.

    My plan for today is to incorporate some stretches for the pelvic area, I do not really consider myself having a tight Pelvic area or suffering from IK but every little help. I also plan to start doing RKS in the next week, I am currently reading all I can on RKS and hopefully that will be incorporated into my training.

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    You need to detail out a structured routine.

    Do you go to the gym? Do you have APT?
    There is little bit more to this besides Edging and stretching. Take it from my thread. I stretched and edged for a while with no increase in stamina because i didnt fix the other pieces.

    1. Core/Lower Ab workouts and fix APT (leg lifts and such)
    2. Stretch the quads and do some glute bridges.
    3. Stretch the PF, hindi squats and tennis ball massages.
    4. RK. RK and practice till you learn to relax the PF.
    5. Practice triangular breathing to calm anxiety and slow heart rate.
    6. Edge as a learning tool. Edging alone will not get you anywhere.

    Read the stickies and learn what has worked and what you need to do. Then stick to a routine. If you are inconsistent and too relaxed about your routine, you will get what you put in.
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      Thanks ACpre. I have had a quick look a RKs but struggled when I attempted them but the plan is next week to spend some time on RKs and integrate them into my daily training.

      And also my EQ is not at its best for sex at the moment and have struggled bin keeping at FULL erection.

      I have read about APT but do not consider myself to have it but have started to incorporate some of the exercises just in case.

      Have just started back at the gym and spent a good hour on exercises for my core and abs and also did 30 minutes on the running machine at a decent pace.

      I do plan on doing some "plank" exercises daily along with other core exercises to strengthen my core.

      Thanks for the advice and hopefully you will keep an eye on my log, the more advice and information the better.


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        Also integrating stretches from this website into my daily training.


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          Kill it with some leg lifts laying flat on your back too. Make sure your lower back is against the floor and when you lift your legs, don't let your lower back lift. With your lower abs/core push down so your lower back doesn't lift.

          My EQ had some trouble in the beginning because i was used to holding a kegel the whole time i masturbated and had sex. That was something I had to retrain my body not to do. I believe a kegel routine should help that but its a balancing act. As pegasus always says you want to have a strong and relaxed muscle. So probably a Kegel routine followed by a Stretch and RK routine would work perfectly.
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          4/5/19: BPEL 6' MEG 4.5'
          5/14/19: BPEL 6.45' MEG 4.75'
          Goal: BPEL 7.5' MEG 5.5'
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            Thanks as always ACpreE for the great advice all is contributing to my plan to treat my PE which I will detail more when I update my log.

            Was doing some reading into RKs and it is something I have attempted with no great conviction in the past and not been successful.

            I spent an hour tonight playing around with RKs and believe I have hopefully distinguished between a front RK and a back RK. If I am correct would a front RK what you activate to wee faster and a back RK the motion in passing wind so to speak and the trick is been able to isolate these motions so you can do them separately?

            Thanks in advance


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              Day 8
              Did 5 x1 minute Hindi squats during the day, feel it stretch my pelvic area but I seem to struggle in the knees with this exercise but hopefully after a few weeks of practice I will find it easier.
              Spent 1hr30 minutes at the gym today, specifically 45minutes to an hour on APT exercises, pelvic floor stretches and abs and core exercises. I also did some cardio work, roughly 30 minutes on running machine and rower.
              Pelvic floor exercises I do are on the link below

              APT Exercises
              And I use an app which sets me exercise for both core and abs exercises and I do these daily, roughly 10 minutes of each.I also did 10 minutes meditation on the night and breathing exercises to aim to tackle the mental aspect.

              Day 9
              Did my APT steretches and pelvic floor exercises along with 5 x 1 minutes Hindi squats throughout the day along with core and Abs exercises/
              Had a good edging session that day as well, EQ was at 100% and took me about 6 minutes to get to first PONR, and stayed round that area with great difficulty till I got to the 15 minute mark and stopped without ejaculation.

              Day 10
              Again, 1hr30 minutes at the gym today, specifically 45minutes to an hour on APT exercises, pelvic floor stretches and abs and core exercises. I also did some cardio work, roughly 30 minutes on running machine and rower.
              Spent 10 minutes of mediation as well and 5 minutes on breathing exercises. Again, had a good edging session that night and did not ejaculate again after I hit the 15-minute mark.

              Day 11.
              Have decided that every Sunday I will use as a rest day to give all my muscle groups a rest and not to overwork them. Did Spend a lot of the day reading up on RKS and all the different exercises and as this is something, I will integrate into my routine starting tomorrow.

              I had a practice at RKs and did struggle with them to be fair, I did make a little headway and do find it easier to do them STOOD up than sat down. My main problem at the moment is that I believe I am pushing to far when trying to exercise the front and back Kegels. When I exercise, I nearly initiate myself to wee and when I exercise my back Kegel, I end up passing wind. Hopefully with more practice I can exercise these muscles without too much force.
              With practice this this become easier and how many should I attempt as a novice to start with?

              The aim for next week is to get a better understanding of RKS and to up my edging sessions to 20 minutes.


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                Day 12
                Started the day of with 5 minutes of varying plank exercises using an app I have downloaded on the phone. Did my various stretches on the night, and upped my daily hindi squats time to 10 minutes a day and can now do them in 2 minutes hold.
                Tried to edge through the day but I am struggling to get a handle of RKs at the moment, I seem to be pushing too hard but hopefully in time I will be able to do them more comftably.

                Day 13
                Woke up with my glutes and thighs hurting this morning and combined with me working a 12 hour shift I decided to have a rest day. Felt a little guilty but I had to listen to my body.

                Day 14
                Did APT exercises and upped my edging session to 20 minutes without ejaculating at the end of the session. Tried to keep my arousal around the 8/9 mark which was a struggle but manged to complete my task. Again spent 10 minutes of trying to do RKs and did 20 minutes of pelvic stretches along with plank/core exercises and hindi squats.

                Day 15
                Again, after a long day at work I went straight to bed so did not do any exercises whatsoever.

                Day 16
                Did my plank exercises along with some APT stretches and some Abs exercises. Again, had a really good edging session which again lasted 20 minutes without ejaculation. Have noticed that my EQ has improved. Also spent 10 minutes of doing meditation and breathing today with 10 minutes of hindi squats

                Struggling to get a grip on performing RKS and is something I am going to aim to work on next week. Have not had sex with my partner in the last 10 days as well which is my choice, do think that another disappointing performance would set me back since starting this log.

                When doing RKS I seem to be pushing too hard to perform the action of a RK, any tips on how to train this action?