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  • Dapoxetine Report

    I have had Primary Premature Ejaculation since my first sexual intercourse. Since then I have tried various treatments and techniques and I did not succeed.
    In my last visit to de Doctor I was prescribed the use of Dapoxetine- Priligy. I got two recipes, one of 30mg and another of 60mg, I had to manipulate in a laboratory that the doctor indicated to me and the capsules arrived at home today.
    As I am without a partner at the time I had to test the medication in masturbation, I took the medicine in the dosage of 30mg, 2 hours before the act, on an empty stomach.

    Results: I was surprised by the result, I do not know if it happened just today, I will test more often and put it here for you, but I had an EXCELLENT improvement over the ejaculation time, besides I realized that when the urge to enjoy came I had a greater control managing to interrupt her if I wanted to.

    Data: I masturbated a few times watching porn on the internet before testing the drug and the average time it takes to reach orgasm - from zero moment / without stimulus until ejaculation is on average 3 minutes. Today, with the use of manipulated dapoxetine, I took 17 minutes. A very significant increase, far exceeded my expectations.

    Reminder: I only tested this medication once. I'll test more often and report it here for you.

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    Sigh everyone wants a pill no one wants the work.


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      Edging/Stamina are two terms for you to research, I think.

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        Many of the users here are against the use of drugs that only temporarily solve PE. Priligy is very expensive and I think it would be more worthwhile for you to take on a program as an average of 3 minutes seems relatively easy to work with to increase your lasting time.

        Priligy worked great for me the first time however all additional attempts did nothing but leave me with nausea and headaches. This put me off it forever. However if you’re fine with it as a temporary buff and suffer no side effects then I guess there’s no harm in it. Just don’t expect it to permenantly solve your problems.


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          I'd rather use numbing creams than altering my body's chemicals