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Subtle exercises that you can do on public transport?

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  • Subtle exercises that you can do on public transport?

    I spend 10 hours a week on public transport. I was looking for unnoticeable exercises I could do. I know kegels and reverse kegels are invisible, but is there anything else?

    If the metro car isn't crowded I sometimes do yoga forward bends, trying to touch my toes. No one seems to notice or care as they're all hunched over their phones.

    Yesterday I did an invisible leg raise by lifting my feet 2 inches off the floor, and keeping them up as long as I can. Seemed to stress the pelvis. I also stand one one leg sometimes, which is an old Tai Chi exercise.

    Looking to improve EQ and staying power. They are getting better, but I really want to get to Ninja status as I get older.

    Any ideas?

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    You can think of healthy sexual thoughts and how your body reacts (tension) to to it. Like edging only in your mind without touching.

    Or progressive muscle relaxation by jacobson or inner yoga. You've muscles everywhere you can train to relax. Like in the head for example. Sometimes the muscles around the head cause head pressure and contribute to mental problems like anxiety.

    Apart from that I would practice some sort of meditation in form of mind-stillness. Quiet qi gong is also available.
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      Those are some good ideas User4286... Never thought of relaxing the muscles. I guess that's critical for PE. Your ideas sound like they're from Dune, hahaha. They practiced a lot of mind muscle co-ordination and Im sure their ideas work in real life.

      Bene Gesserit Training | Dune | FANDOM powered by Wikia

      Specifically, prana (Breath) and bindu (muscle) training prepared one for the state of concentration needed to understand the reality of a situation. This state of concentration was also essential to the Bene Gesserit observational skills and martial art techniques. To gain the proper attitude for complete concentration, one had to first remove oneself, mentally if not physically, from all distractions. To do this one used relaxation techniques which eliminated the distraction from extraneous stimuli. At this point in her studies, the student also learned how to distinguish primary information from secondary or unessential information - "to see the facts and discard the ghafla." Once one has relaxed and had begun to observe the proper information, one had to learn to observe closely and clearly. In this state of observation one assimilated pertinent data from the present situation and recalled all pertinent data from memory without error.
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