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Does a penis grow bigger if the glans comes out?

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  • Does a penis grow bigger if the glans comes out?

    The process of pushing the penis skin so the head of the penis comes out, would the penis grow bigger as opposed if the head or gland of the penis dosent come out because one dosent push it? Just wondering, mine is uncovered now, but when I was younger and had the penis gland covered with the foreskin, my penis didnt grow as much as it grew from then on when the head of the penis was revealed.

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    Hmm ,so you are asking, if having a foreskin covered glans, may affect it's growth during puberty?


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      Ye, thats my question Pegasus


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        On the contrary, it's been said in study that circumcision may lower penis size with less skin for the penis to grow into.
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          Movingup, I am not talking about circumcision, I am referring to having a tight foreksin (I think thats what its called) and stretching the penis back and forth so the gland comes out without the use of circumcision.


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            Hmm yes I do not believe circ to be benifical overall ,but it is possible that having a tight foreskin that restricts glans erection may have an effect on it's growth. The answer would be to loosen the foreskin which you have done.


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              I dont think it would affect overall penis growth though.

              Many guys here have had issues with tight foreskin, did you find the stretching difficult?


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                If you use the term ' Glans ' to refer or do searches, that will help. Not glands ;-)
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                  @pegasus, yes I found the stretching to be very difficult, the foreskin was really tight. I managed to change that a few years ago though and since then it grew a lot more, and my penis keeps growing from what ive noticed and my measurings. Maybe its a coincidence though, because since I started weightlifting, my penis grew a lot more too.


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                    Phimosis is what is being described. I imagine that this condition could cause all kinds of problems.
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                      Good answer @daddydick, what kind of problems do you think it would cause?


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                        Weight lifting will not cause penis growth but being 18 and comparing it to when you were 15 may make it seem like it did. I assure you the growth is been natural and normal for your age.
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