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    More and better sleep = better everything
    start: aug 1 2013
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    his mother was a mudder..


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      Originally posted by CUSP82 View Post
      Been to many a lecture on this and no I didn't fall asleep at them. I was told that the bedroom is for two things and two things only; sleep and sex. No it's not for reading, watching tv, or anything else. Also complete darkness and quiet do help. You will never get a good night sleep if you're in bed watching tv, have a light on, fall asleep listening to music or whatever. Those help you get into a bad sleep pattern which is hard to break. On recommendation form those far smarter than me was to take a nice hot shower right before bed, get into bed with no lights or sound, and fall asleep. It might take a few days to break the pattern but it just may help.

      I've heard those exact same tips. So I'm going to try to leave my bedroom for those two things only. I've also read about the temperature change as well before going to bed, so I'll start taking showers too. I think the few days will be worth it.
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        BBC News - Sleep 'cleans' the brain of toxins

        And it's good for your cock too.
        Long term goal 10" bpel, getting there day by day.