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Need some honest advice, I am totally hopeless.

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    I agree with these guys, take a break - and when you come back switch things up and try something different. We'll be here waiting to help you get a fresh start when you get back
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      Sometimes the break kicks the growth, it happened to the Mr and after that he always did JP90 for the 90 days and the took a week off and he reached all his goals!
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        Jelging for 15min isnt enough. But the hanging part is strange... Perhaps you over did it(scared it). Buy a good book about PE or try a coach.
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          For me, I use to pump at high pressures. It looked huge after, to me at least, but from my experience, most is not better for PE. Even though i would see increases of 1 in. in length and girth after my sessions, 30 min after I would notice some turtling. If my buddy enjoyed it, he wouldn't be hiding. LOLz. jp, but seriously. hanging at 27 lbs? sounds a bit intense. I don't think it's about how much you can do, but being consistent in what you do. Let your buddy know the extent it can reach without it being scared of getting there. know what i mean? take it easy and remember less is more for PE. I get so damn anxious to do more, but self control is another big factor. good luck.

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            Here is what i would do:

            1. Check out this routine: Timbers chempe, newbie, hanging, pumping, dmso/paba routines

            2. Try the lg hanger or grip system hanger as your hanger. They will allow you to get more hanging time in.
            3. Use an ads. The grip system website has a good all day hanger that you can use to keep your penis elongated throughout the day and will not interfere with work etc.
            4. Many members here wont agree with this, but i think you should use dsmo/paba combination on your penis to soften the collagen within your penis.
            5. If that fails maybe you should start chem pe. Use trimix injections everyday to expand your penis. This is a very costly option, but it is something you may have to do.
            6. As a super extreme last option you can get surgery to partially cut the suspensory ligament in your penis and make it easier to bring your inner penis out.

            Dont give up brother! Keep that head up! Message me if you want me to elaborate to the best of my knowledge any of the advice that i posted here.


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              I had the surgery some 14 yrs ago, it was a completely worthless procedure as far length 100 percent sure the lig reattached..i did no extending or hanging as a follow up which is a must imo....your 6 sets may not of been enough you should of used an extender or an ads when not hanging..from my hard gainer experience you must be stretching hanging extending for 5 to 10 hours aday.your gonzo way of hanging is the way to do it. im sure you created micro tears but did not follow up with long low tension..your micro tears healed pretty much in the same place...I would probably make extending your focus instead of hanging I believe hanging is slightly over rated. I have hung 20 pounds btc. it just got to painful im currently using a hybrid routine because I got a blister below penis head ..which was strange since I have extended 2100 hrs with not a problem.anyway imo you need to be stretching all day everyday, 6 sets is only 2 hours that was your mistake.....mankin now standing at 7 3/8 nbpel x 6 1/16 msg im getting hung, no fricken doubt I will be 7.5 plus by getting in a zone with this pe, originally 5 7/8 - 6 nbpel x 5 3/4 ? there abouts when I wearing jeans is getting uncomfortable at work my package is big/hung ,people are noticing


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                that makes two of us. when I'm at the gym, i wear sweat pants, my flaccid hang is noticed by a few girls. even under the sweats.. it's thicker, longer. a few months ago, THAT wasn't even visible at all.

                I'm 5'6" tall. my height is dwarfed by lots of dudes. My cock is a diff story, though. (7.2) I started at 5.8.

                extending for as much hours as a man could is the recipe for length. along with manual stretching & pumping.

                soon enough i will incorporate hanging. wahaaha


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                  agreed with everyone else here. take a break. relax and start over again.


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                    mike, is blisters the hard rough edge of the glans just above the circumcision scar? If so I think I'm getting blisters too...My head edge is so rough and sensitive...After hanging session my glans hurt like a bitch t00


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                      try pumping. It gives you at least temporary gains for about 8 hours or so. When used with full on erection, the gains you experience for a few minutes after pumping are substantial and are at least cool to watch. If you want to have the feeling of progress, pumping will definitely do that for you and with a combination of jelqing you should see at least some permanent gains. I have the penomet and i follow the jelqing/pumping routine and i have been getting favorable results.


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                        Originally posted by derocker View Post
                        The reason why I start this thread, is because I am getting obsessed with PE. The fact that I fail at PE, is affecting my life extremely much. I am feeling like a huge failure in life and I am even suicidal. I am telling you guys this because I really need an honest answer to this question (and because I am feeling extremely bad).

                        I really want to achieve my goal of a bigger penis, but I also can't take another disappointment.
                        imo it is best to step back, relax, regroup and then think if you want to carry on with PE'ing or not.

                        A "smaller" penis is not the end of the world. Guys get by fine with much greater hardships... best to get some perspective ie. regroup.

                        Such problems are all in your mind anyway so it is good not to lose sight of this and become so focused on the physical "flaws" you choose to create.

                        Step outside and go for a walk, sit down somewhere in nature and feel the fullness of life.

                        You lack nothing bro!