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  • How to clamp correctly

    I'm in for girth but not a single mm in length. I read here that (Clamped)Uli/(Clamped)Squeezes/Clamps are the way to go, with clamps being the most effective girth exercise. Is this correct?

    However I wonder how to clamp correctly. I know I should be conditioned, as its an advanced exercise, also - as always - warm up. Considering the time of a set I read different things - some do 2 minute sets, some half an hour, batshit insane guys on the internet clamp over night. I personally did around 5 minutes +-3 minutes depending on how it feels. On any negative indicators I instantly release. Amount of sets I do varies and depends mainly on privacy. I guess what matters is total time clamped. I hardly ever get over 15-20 minutes. How long would you say is optimal for a session? Also I have no schedule. Again privacy. I dont think I have more than 3 days a week. How often do you think is optimal?

    Also I am not sure how tight I should clamp. I could clamp way tighter, however neg indicators appear earlier. I could clamp looser, however I can feel that the cavernous body is not really under pressure, i tend to loose the errection and I wonder if I make any progress at all this way. Often I edge (heavy kegel to drop from PONR and RK to come up again) which obviously adds pressure, which I think is the whole point of clamping and well beneficial then. Sometimes I also watch porn, but actually only if fantasy or mechanics dont help. If I feel it I do some ULIs while clamped, but not on a regular basis, since discoloring instantly gets worse.

    In bullets, please comment on the following:
    * Clamping optimal for girth?
    * Optimal time of set/amout of sets/total time clamped?
    * Optimal tightness of clamp
    * Optimal schedule for exercises
    * Do's and Dont's while clamping good and safe?

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    Clamping is exceptionally good for girth with little risk of gaining length. 3 sets of 5 minutes is recommended. It also shouldn't be done every day. Every other day is best. It's easy to injure yourself from clamping so don't get too aggressive. It just needs to be tight enough to keep the expansion. I have some girth routines in my signature.
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      Originally posted by user768251 View Post

      In bullets, please comment on the following:
      * Clamping optimal for girth? If you ask me, it seems like people respond differently to it. No correct answer here. Some respond better to pumping for instance.
      * Optimal time of set/amout of sets/total time clamped? From what I have read, one should not clamp for longer than 10 mins per set. If you are new, you should work up to that, meaning start with 2-3 mins per set. I am not sure how many sets you should do however. It depends on how long your routine can be, your priorities, etc.
      * Optimal tightness of clamp Takes a little practice. It should be comfortable and not hurt. You should not struggle to close the gap. It shouldnt be so tight where your penis gets cold in 1-2 mins. I do mine tight, but still able to slightly kegel some blood in if I try.
      * Optimal schedule for exercises I don't know what's the best here. Depends on your routine...Maybe do jelqing. I do jelqing - manual stretching - clamping.
      * Do's and Dont's while clamping good and safe?

      Replied some of your points with bolded letters.

      I am hunting for girth gains, although I don't feel too lucky.

      Anyway, I have been clamping now for 2-3 months now (I did it years ago as well). I keep believing it will yield me gains, yet all I am gaining is way more veins + way more thicker veins all over. I like that. But I want real girth gains as well.
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        The following should be helpful: Penis Clamping 101

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