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Circumsized or Uncircumsized, which has the advantage?

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  • Circumsized or Uncircumsized, which has the advantage?

    On this one, I want to find out if there is an advantage of being circumsized or uncircumsized when it comes to PE & making gains. My "dummie thinking" tells me that since the uncircumsized have more skin then that means they have more cells to breakdown & more blood that maybe entering there penises (Again, "Dummie thinking", nothing factual). Simply state wether you are circumsized or Not, that way the reader can check out your stats & make their own assestment. And while we are at it, for all the ladies reading this one, please state which one that you think is most desirable to you (circumsized or uncircumsized)! Thanks Guys!

    It does not say it on my stats but my begining stats were 6.25" x 4.8" & I am circumsized!

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    Circ de penis. At birth. Quite happy with it.
    Starting Size (09/2009): ~7"BPEL x ~5" MSEG
    Most Recent Measurement (08/13/2012): 8"BPEL x 5.5"MSEG
    Final Goal: When I'm told to stop.


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      Circumsized at birth, can't complain one little bit.
      But being circumsized or uncircumsized plays little role in Penile Enlargement. People gain at different rates, just like how they burn fat or gain muscle, it varies from person to person.
      It's not just Penile Enhancement, it's a way of life.
      Millia's Dick Journey (NEW Introduction post!)


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        Au natural por moi.
        Valued Member of 11 years at the PEGym
        Looks are deceiving, mirrors don't lie.


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          In my view, having a natural, whole, and complete foreskinned penis is better than having a large circumcised penis.