I just bought an electric air pump (Adorime - had good reviews on Amazon) that keeps the pressure in range.

ranges are:
level 1 50Mbar to 125Mbar
level 2 125Mbar- 200 Mbar
level 3 200 Mbar - 275Mbar
level 4 275 Mbar - 350Mbar

Now the routines and writings I found online are all in Hg.

Is that the right conversion? (just googled sth related to pressure, not really knowing this stuff..)

1 in Hg to millibar = 33.86389 millibar

2 in Hg to millibar = 67.72778 millibar

3 in Hg to millibar = 101.59167 millibar

4 in Hg to millibar = 135.45556 millibar

5 in Hg to millibar = 169.31945 millibar

1) In that case, I wouldn't go higher than the 1st level to keep under 5 Hg?

2) Seems like under 90 Mbar I lost my erection and didn't feel much suction, - does it make sense to stay in there soft and at such low pressure (it takes quite a while to get it down to 50Mbar - this is where it adds more pressure up to 125Mbar)

3) Do you suggest entering more with an erection or let the device build it or doesn't matter? Sorry if noob question, didn't see much on this for air pumps

4) I have experienced a bit lower erection angle today - lower than 90 degrees, I only used it on lower pressure and for like 8 minutes to start. Most of that time was in the lower range of the 1st level. Using the pump is the only change I can see, is that normal? I consider keeping it a bit higher as a downwards erect dick is not something I want. I'm pretty much 90% by default, maybe slightly higher. Thoughts, experience on that?

Thanks for any input.