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Ads/adh for how long continuosly?

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  • Ads/adh for how long continuosly?

    The name "All day stretcher" is a bit confusing. Do people actually use it all day or is it more like 4 hours daily?

    I have made myself a very nice all day hanger from hex nuts, soft shoe lace, tape and magnet. It weights just under 1lbs and i can wear it under my clothes whole day if i want to.

    The question is: should i? Is it ok to hang such light weight for the whole day or should i stop after few hours?

    Can very light hanging/stretching cause injuries over time that leads to ED?

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    As long as you feel okay and don't restrict bloodflow go for it. Depends on how conditioned you are. It's hard to call because finding someone that has gained in a similar way is rare. It usually takes up to 3 months to see if it works. So make sure to get measurments in and maybe log your training.

    I played around with a 1kg ads but it was too unpractical. It only rly worked while standing/walking.
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      Ok thanks, good to know. I actually have been wearing and testing my hanger few hours now and it's hanging nice and low and i have been riding mild fatique for an hour or so. I believe this will work. I will add more hex nuts soon.

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