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Doc Johnson The Tube. Excellent Tool.

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  • Doc Johnson The Tube. Excellent Tool.

    Just wanted to share this. One of my favorite, most economical and versatile PE Tools is Doc Johnson The Tube. This is a silicon sleeve around 6 inches long.

    Hanging Tool: Use it for the rubber tube on your LG Hanger when your original wears out.
    Anti Turtle: Use a piece to keep extended after working out.
    Plumping: Use a 2 inch peace around the base to keep a bit of plumpness.
    Pumping the Head: Use a piece to restrict the base of your shaft while pumping to focus on the head.

    I just cut them to whatever size I need.

    For $11.00 you can't go wrong.. I 've bought several over the years..
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    Good information
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      I bought a sleeve like that, but its not a Doc Johnson. It had a head on it and was intended to be a sleeve expander/extender you slip on your penis. Got it for cheap off Amazon. I got it because ball stretchers were so damn expensive and this seemed it would do the same thing and be easy to take on/off. I cut it into different lengths - a shorter and longer piece I use for ball stretching and a longer piece for "anti-shrinkage" training (don't know if that really works long-term, but it does keep him from shrinking up). Works great.
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