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DIY Vacuum Hanger

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  • DIY Vacuum Hanger

    I am mainly an extender guy but I am interested in DIY-ing a vacuum hanger. I found this thread on <link removed>
    where a guy made what looks like maybe a poor man's LG hanger. I would like to try to make something like the hanger pictured in the above link. However, the How to instructions thread link is bunk <link removed>
    and the guy who made this particular DIY hanger has not been active on the forum in over 4 years. Does anyone on here have any advice on how I could make my own hanger like the one pictured in the link above? Did he use a pvc pipe and pvc end cap? It would be interesting to hear about any successful diy vacuum hangers.
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    However this works out, be advised that any air gap or space between the glans surface and the surface of the material providing the 'pull', will be where a blister/edema can occur.
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