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  • LOT Theory/Warm Up

    This post is twofold, concerning the legitimacy of LOT Theory, and the benefits of warm up, or rather, warm down...

    1. LOT Theory - LOT Theory states that men with a low LOT - that is, around 6:00, make gains harder, and must jelq out and upwards to maximize gains. However, wouldn't this make gains tougher, since by jelqing upwards - against gravity - make it more difficult for blood to stay in the penis? By the same logic, wouldn't jelqing in a downwards motion make gains easier, by virtue of blood collecting easily in the glans? I am a relative newb, so perhaps the finer details elude me...

    2. Warm-up and hot wrap - I don't think anyone can argue against the benefits of warming up - however, what about hot wrap/rice sock/whatever after workout? There seems to be a lot of contention here, with some people recommending this should always be done, and others considering it irrelevant. I, personally, think that it seems rather unnecessary to do it post-workout, especially if your going to be leaving your fella alone for awhile (which you should probably do anyways). I jelqed for about 2 1/2 months, and rarely warmed down. I sustained no damage, and made a 1/2 inch length gain... would my gains be even better if I did warm down?

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    1: Ignore the lot theory does not mean much and has been disproven for the most part.
    2: Yes, keep your dick warm for a while after a workout just as important as a warm up.
    3: Yes your gains would be better with either a warm down or cool down. Got to do something to end the process I guess.

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      Hey Kingpole, do you think it's better to do a warm down or a cool down after a pe session? Or do you think it makes no difference?
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