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Mirror and Palpation Tests - Determine Your LOT Angle

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    Yup damn spell fixer. Ligament growth starting with low angle hanging. Be consistent, persistent, safe, and patient.


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      Originally posted by BigO View Post
      Considered obsolete by who? Many people including myself think it is valid.

      This obsolete bullshit started because a member at thunders made a model and then said since it did not make sense it must then be obsolete.

      I don't think a model can simulate human ligs. To this day no one has answered to any satisfaction why it is obsolete. I just keep seeing people repetitive the statement as if it is fact.

      I think all newbs should read about the lot theory.

      Decide for yourselves young lads, there is a lot to it.
      Hey BigO, I did mean to write " considered to be obsolete by some". I know not everyone agrees with it and there are varying opinions on it. I did use this theory when I started to determine that I needed to work on my ligs first and I gained well because of it. Because of this my exit point has dropped dramatically and my ligs are well stretched out, but my LOT hasn't changed a bit. It didn't seem to apply to me as far the LOT changing with lower exit point and stretched ligs, but that's just me, not everyone. I still think that everyone should try it though, it may have merit for them.

      As far as where it is stated here that it is considered obsolete, it's right there in writing for anyone who is reading up on the JP90.

      Determining LOT (Loss of Tug)

      LOT (Loss of Tug). This theory was first posted by Bib.

      This is now considered obsolete. Exercises should be done in all directions.

      I'm leaving this for it's curosity value, as this was the hot theory
      back at the very beginning of PE. I believe in the late 90's.

      I'm not trying to argue your point, it's a well thought out theory. I'm just pointing where some people are coming up with this from a reputable source.
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