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    hello friends,
    as the title says im new here. ive read a couple threads regarding different topics and have finally decided to join as a member. I apologize in advance if there are many other threads like this (which im sure there are), however, i would just like to explain my situation and maybe get some advice.

    im not 100 percent comfortable with the acronyms as of yet however i will check out the thread on it and become more familiar.

    heres my situation: id say i have a average or smaller than average penis at around 4 inches flacid, and 5.75 inches erected. i lack in the girth department as well (never actually measured, but will soon). i would like to obviously grow in each category and was wondering if there are any not to time consuming beginner routines i could do that arent too difficult as well? I have had a look at JP's program and although i havent actually tried it yet, it seems like it takes quite some time daily to perform?

    Furthermore, i have a girlfriend of 3 years and i find her more than attracting however i dont see her often due to school and work so i have been a user of porn quite often. i believe this has caused my penis to become densisitized and after reading different threads, i am trying to quit porn as a whole. I am hoping this will allow me to regain my EQ as it has not been up to par as in previous years.

    I would like to increase my EQ as well as length and girth and would like to know what are some tips/routines as to doing so? if anyone has any questions or comments i am more then happy to answer them. were there any others in my situation as well as size who have had success?

    Thank you in advance

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    Welcome to the gym helpmegro. You did right by creating your own introduction thread. After reading up on the beginner's threads, you should start yourself a Progress Log(in the Progress Forum) of your PE activity to log your activity or you can "Blog" your entries daily/weekly. Many who have progress logs, get advice from our veterans around here with routines and the like.

    Good luck on your PE journey, and again, welcome to the gym
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      Welcome to the gym helpmegro!

      Have a read through this if you haven't, you will find the beginner routines here

      To help you with terminology

      This is very important! It is your key to gaining

      Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to Help Penis Growth!

      This is also a great read for beginners

      Your measurements are average my friend, you have no need to worry, but taking up PE will help increase your EQ aswell as size, provided you keep an eye on those PI's.

      If porn has become a problem it is wise to give it up, make use of your imagination instead and maybe give edging a try instead of normal masturbation.

      Good luck buddy, good to have you with us, stay safe!
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        Welcome aboard helpmegro!

        We're glad you decided to join the Gym.I just wanted to let you know that should you require it, there are also some helpful and supportive women available on the forum who are more than willing to offer their insight and wisdom. We can often be located in the following forums:

        A Woman's Perspective

        Relationship Forum

        The Gym

        Best wishes on your PE journey!


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          Welcome to the gym helpmegro!

          It is really important to get all the measurments down before you start. I would say two most importan ones are BPEL=bone pressed erect length and EG=erect girth.

          Here is a thread on how to measure:Penis Measuring ? You Don?t Want to Skip It | PEGym

          I will tell you that if your not able to put in certain time into penis enlargement and be consistent with your routine you will most likely get semi good results.

          Quitting porn is very good thing since your EQ will improve and you will feel more healthy mentally atleast these things happend for me after I decided to quit porn.

          Porn creates a lot of fake images in your mind that are hard to get out of.

          I would say the best approach with quitting porn is to set small but reachable goals and periods where your without porn.

          Start with one week and after that build up.

          I would advice to start with JP 90 routine since it is a great routine for a beginner that will condition you for more advanced exercises.

          JP 90:

          Physiological indicators are your best friends and they will guide you with your PE journey.

          They will also help you to avoid overtraining.

          Physiological indicators:Physiological Indicators Are Your Best Friend

          I hope that you will enjoy yourself here and don't be afraid to ask questions.
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          The Goal: BPEL: 9 inches EG: 6.5"

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            to the Gym helpmegro, enjoy your time here and have a safe PE journey.

            Follow the advice above and you'll not regret. The things that didn't mention above is to start your progress log, to keep you motivated and to post your positive and negative experiences. Good luck on your gains
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