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Just started 2 weeks ago...

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  • Just started 2 weeks ago...

    Don't know if I should get equipments (stretchers pumpers etc.) however I read most of them have no results and are bad(most sites even said exercises are useless because there are no muscle in your penis). I've started some basic stretching etc. just to see. My question is: Should I considering getting equipments? And can someone assure the usefulness of exercises and equipments?
    Also, how exactly does kegal feel like, I tried breaking my peeing habit into 5 shots instead of just 1, however I don't know how to exercise it if I don't pee?
    Ineed something fast for as well as something benefits my long-term wellness.

    any feedback is appreciated!!

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    newPEguy, I would hold off on buying any equipment at this time and just stick with the newbie routine for about 3 months. After that you can start adding some devices and/or advanced exercises if you would like. And, yes, actually most devices (extenders, pumps, etc) are effective if used properly.

    As for the penis not having muscle give this thread a read:
    And for kegels, this one: Kegel exercises for men! - Penis Enlargement Gym

    Hope this helps, If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask.
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      Thanks Iguana, yes I went through the kegal page, I still can't exercise the muscle as well as when I "split pee" as the kegal page suggested. I can't really contract it as much nor do I feel any strain, I need tips on how to find and exercise effectively when not peeing, because only when I pee and hold it back I feel the muscle is working.. Hope that is clear, will appreciate any suggestions!!


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        newPEguy: As Iguana said, You'll want to stick with the beginner's routine before you jump into using any PE devices.

        As for your "PC" muscle (i.e. pelvic floor muscles) try placing two fingers on your perineum while you kegel. You should feel the contractions actually taking place.
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