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Sorness After ejaculation.

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  • Big Al
    You could just have an overworked PC. Why would you hold back from ejaculating for 8 days? I hope you're not doing it on account of that Chinese study on testosterone and ejaculation.

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  • magnusb
    started a topic Sorness After ejaculation.

    Sorness After ejaculation.

    So i did One week of Wet jelqs ( 150 ) and erect kegeling with no ejaculation for about 8 days. On my down days- Saturday and Sunday- this saturday i did 100 erect kegels and edged a tiny bit, then i decided i should clean my pipes and ejaculated. Felt good.
    After i became flaccid my penis was as long as my plump soft flaccid but much more skinny and ridgid with the head being larger. Plus it was pretty sore. more sore then any PE session. Why is this? because i havnt ejacuated for 8 days? why would it be more painfull( sore) then PE? is this anegative PI?
    any advice?
    I had some erection that night in bed i still feel a tad bit sore this morning.
    Should i stop PE? i havnt been doing anything really intense.
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