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Is this routine OK for a begginer?

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  • Is this routine OK for a begginer?

    Hello everyone. First I will say why I am not doing exactly what is recomended by JonPop, who's routine I would otherwise follow.
    I have trouble with wet jelques; I just can not do them well. Also I have even more trouble doing V-jelques.
    So I am doing just dry reqular (OK-grip) jelques.

    I am doing:
    10 minute warm up
    stretches as JonPop suggests except my penis is too small to do hellicopter spins, I just end up shaking it back and forth slapping against my belly. (penis is only about 5 inches erect, 5.5 if Im lucky, and I think 3 inches flacid about).
    After streching, I do dry jelques 50-75 times, depending on time and if the wife is there (she does not approve).
    I than do warm down 5-10 minutes.

    I am also doing kegals through out the day at least a 100 in a row one second kegals most days.

    Other helpful life style changes I intend to employ is better diet and exercise. I hope these will help with my blood circulation (I smoke a pipe and can tell it affects me).

    There are multiple sex positions I can not do with the wife due to my penis length. I hope adding on a few inches will allow me to perform these. Losing the belly, and the wife losing weight too will also help I think.
    I am 22.

    Is my routine sufficient to train my penis. In the future I would like to increase number of jelques, and do more stretching.

    Thank you,

    PS: Is doing dry jelques not as good as wet ones? I am about 30% erection usually I think and due to the smallness of my penis, I can go from the base to the glans without sliding over the skin but drawing the skin up the shaft as I do the jelque. Any advice regarding this? change suggestions? thanks.

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    That is a good routine. sometimes you have to adapt a program to meet your needs.

    For I will restore health unto thee and I will heal thee of thine wounds, saith the Lord Jeremiah 30:17