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Need help gaining girth

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  • Need help gaining girth

    Anyone got a exercise I can do in the shower every morning? I'm a tip over 8" and a tip over 6" in girth. I just want a quick exercise I can do in the morning to see if I can get 9"x7".

    P.S. I'd like not to lose the curve.

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    Well bro, youre gonna have to do some research.

    Get started on a beginner routine. You made this thread in the wrong section. Check out the beginner forum for more information.
    Starting stats: October 15th, 2008 - NBPEL: 6.25' EG: 5.00'

    Current stats October 15th, 2009 - (100% erection) NBPEL: 7.20' EG: 5.375'

    Goal: NBPEL: 8' EG: 6' (objective: girth)

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      I been stretching it out for a while and using a hot rag after the fact, I honestly think the thing is ready to be tugged in weird directions.