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Pain? Did i hurt myself?

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  • Pain? Did i hurt myself?

    OK, so after a few days break, i started PE again. When I jelq, now with a light grip, i feel a weird feeling in the veins on the right side base. It goes down into my right ball. I am doing a light grip, but it still feels almost painful and i have a numbness feeling in my inner thigh?? It feels like i am pulling a vein forward? Any advice? Im thinking i need to cut out jelqing? Any alternative PE that i can do? Stretches are fine, but this is my third attempt at jelqing and im getting the same result, only on the right base and right ball?

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    Stop PEing for a few weeks. If the pain persists, go to a doctor. Any kind of pain during PE is a bad sign. You need to rest and give the injury a chance to heal.
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