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Does anyone have real photographic proof of significant gains??

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    Yeah, that was a doozy of a post.
    I figured you were either getting a blow job, while driving, while tweeting, or you were fucked up.
    Glad to see a man-up post from you. (jP

    I've got a Tiger by the tail.


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      I can't see any reason why people would create this forum, and members would flock to it to lie and exaggerate about gains. Everyone here has been extremely helpful and accepting, why not just try it and see for yourself before coming in here and demanding proof and spreading hate?


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        Actually I for one wasn't boasting about anything. My newb routine was good in the sense that my love muscle was getting comfy with exercises or exercising, but after 2 months my gains have been a flat zero. The plan is to ramp up the routine and pay attention to what's possible. So, here we got for another 2 months and see if anything gives.

        I used a heavy cold cream, quite viscous, that provided a good lube (I thought), but I will go for a different cream me thinks. Something oily offering less resistance/friction.

        My jelquing was aggressive thus far with a fair bit of elbow grease involved. Initially I felt the strech effects after exercise for quite a while, however, after some weeks that faded out altogether. Red spots frequently appeard on the skin. So, skin and surface got a good workout, but not the core obviously.

        Conclusions based on observations thus far: Willie can handle exercising and get settled into the manhandling. Viscous cream resulted in more skin stretching and skin sensations which I attributed to penile workouts, which were less than the superficial sensations. This conclusion is based on how my dick felt in the first couple of weeks, especially at the base (did use another hand cream at the time, much lighter) and later those sensations were no longer present. Instead I felt things on the surface. Took a bit to clue in and reflect on the diffrences.

        So, equiped with this litte bit, lets see where it goes from here.