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  • Newbie Routine?

    Ok. So I've managed to grasp a lot of info about PE from this forum. The advantages,Do's and Dont's etc. I think I'm ready to start PE confidently.
    There's one problem though. I found many beginner's routines and frankly I'm confused as to how should I start my routine. Even when I'm working out I get lost as to what am I supposed to do next or perform an extra set unwittingly.
    So can you guys help me out with this?

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    P.S- Just measured my erect length and girth
    BPEL--> 6"
    EG at base --> a bit shy from 5"
    Pretty much average Joe!
    I must mention that I have an uncircumcised penis


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      The jp newbie is the most popular starting point. If you start a slow and work into it you will get good results.


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        I didnt quite get you. What is the jp routine? I mean where do I find it?


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          Originally posted by Nemesis_Prime87 View Post
          I didnt quite get you. What is the jp routine? I mean where do I find it?
          You can find it here!

          Starting stats:.......Current stats:
          BPEL: 6"...............BPEL: 6 3/4"
          EG: 4.85"..............EG: 5 1/8"


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            Sorry for the multiple posts. I should mention that my EQ level is not what it used to be. Can Kegeling help solve this problem? Any other exercises for the same?


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              Kegeling will help. You can do them virtually everywhere so why not?
              Its increased my EQ quality by half (I have very bad EQ).

              Start slow by doing 200 reps per day of two second holds. Then you can make your way up to more reps and/or longer holds.

              PS: If you had done extensive research you should know what your doing. I suggest making sure your 100% positive with what your doing before you start! Best thing I did so far.

              Current Bone Press:
              FG: 3.6in FL: 3.7in
              EG: 5.25in EL: 5.35in

              Goal Bone Press:
              FG: 4.5in FL: 5in
              EG: 6in EL: 6in

              my log:


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                Thanks Peg and Snoopy
                @Snoopy- I'll keep that in mind bro. Its just that I wanted to know whether there are any more exercises for improving my EQ. Kegels rock!