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Determining the LOT, do I do it correct?

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  • Determining the LOT, do I do it correct?

    When determining my LOT I squeeze hard and it feels like the force is coming from my anus. When doing that, I can see tugback even at 6...the thing is that the force is hard so even my stomach moves.
    Clearly I haven't locate the BC-muscle,as I thougt..
    Have tried to squeeze in another way, and it does not feel like the force is coming from the anus. But rather from a area behind the balls. This force is not as strong and I get a LOT of 9-9.30.

    Can you please help me to localize my BC-muscle/LOT.

    If it helps, my BPSFL is shorter than my BPEL.
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    Measurements (Current):
    BPEL: 7.25"
    HG: ~6.25"|MEG:6.25"|Low shaft EG:6.5"|BG: 7"

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    PC muscle. Try to hold your pee while in mid stream. Without using your hands, that is. Either that or try to move your penis while erect, once again without using any hands, lol. The muscles it takes to do that are your PC muscles. That's how you flex them or do a kegal.
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