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success and setback

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  • success and setback

    I can usually get an EQ of ten during edging but that hasn't translated well to real life sex- until today. I had the best EQ I've had in years. That is a victory for me and my PE progress. The problem is I couldn't last nearly as long as I am used to. Are these things related? Should I start a more serious edging program? Sometines I edge after PE but sometimes I just try to maintain a serious boner for expansion. What do you think?

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    The angle of the dangle is = to the sag of the bag. Did you factor in the excitement aspect?

    I've got a Tiger by the tail.


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      True. It rare that the house is empty and we are alone in the daytime. So things were a bit more free and exciting. I guess I'll just have to do more 'research'. We will be alone again tomorrow.