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So I'm a beginner once again. Please help.

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  • So I'm a beginner once again. Please help.

    Hey guys,

    Though i technically stumbled and joined this past March I never really got into the routines and gave up multiple times, last of which was September 7th (Which i now regret-- 8 months of continuous PE would have done me great). So im starting from scratch because i don't feel i had done it right.
    Now here's where i require assistance.

    Should i start the newbie routine? I used my own routine in the shower which had the warmups, stretches, and exercises. I tried it but it became very tedious so if there are any other suggested routines i would be glad to hear.
    What would be a good schedule? I us to do it 3 days then rest 1.
    Finally, I don't know if it's because of my youth and little experience but when doing these exercises i tend to become erect and cannot continue- any tips?

    I'm glad to be back and this time I'm planning to do it right.

    Thanks. :]

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    Here's what I did when I came back: I basically took JonPop's beginner routine and modified it slightly to my liking. I'm on 2 days off 1 and in my 5th week.

    I think the key is just committing to something consistent and forcing yourself to do it even when you're tired or not into it. I've also avoided blending PE with other activities like showering or getting ready for bed. My life is too variable and I need a normal PE time which I can deviate from only occasionally.

    I believe that PE is just like a weight loss program in that it requires a lot of discipline to stay on. Also staying close to this community and studying everything I can find about penis enlargement has kept me on. I've had to make it a key part of my lifestyle.

    Try to focus on PE only while you're doing it. Treat porn or lots of sexual thoughts just like you would any other distraction. Eventually as you learn to tune into the physical act and the objective personal study of your own body, you will be less arousable. Heightened sexual awareness by the way is a double edged sword. You can reach higher levels of arousal too which will keep challenging your ability to will. It's the eternal conflict in all life and it generates new life.

    By the way: I replied to this post because you had a great subject line that should get lots of hits because I know there are a lot of guys like me out there that are trying to find a way to come back to this, find something that works and stick with it. I know it's easier said than done, believe me.
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      I did this as well. Did it quite inconstantly about two years ago and gave up for some stupid ass reason. Not that it didn't work, I was doing it for like 2 months and gained like .25 in length, but I paid for it and just kinda quit. Don't even remember why. One of those, 'I missed today so I'll make this my day off.' then a 'Well I guess I'll just take this week off to make sure I get a full week in.' Then eventually you just stop. Stick with it, I am now and I'm doing better with it already in less time.
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