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Alrighty, Here's What I Want To Do!

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  • Alrighty, Here's What I Want To Do!

    eh, i've no tape measurer...hell, i'm kinda poor at the moment (NOT FOR LONG! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)
    anyway, from using a ruler and pushing back my fatty pelvic thingy down there
    (weight loss going good 323lbs in Feb, now 269lbs...GO AWAY FATTY PELVIC THING!!!!)

    I measured in a 6" erect, not sure about flaccid, nor girth...nor anything really. XD
    I've practiced jelqing, and see it's benefits, but my goal...i'm trying to get to 9" erect, a nice girth, and all those nice bells and whistles!

    Anyway, I find this board quite educating, but I'd could definantly use a buddy here to help me stay on top of my goals, although
    I have to do this myself, some advice never ever hurts.

    Anyway, now that I've your attention...

    HALP!!!!!!!(typo intentional...)
    Please Don't Be Scared Of Me...

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    Hey! Wow, that's sure some great weight loss! Well done!

    You should fine that your penis will even increase in size as your 'fat pad' decreases! Losing weight also has a multiple amount of other benefits so it's always a great thing to aim for!

    If you need any help feel free to drop me a PM and I'll be happy to help!

    Good luck with your weight loss and gaining!
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      Yea its something like an inch for every 30lbs you lose.

      Try the 90day beginner routine and you should see some grate results


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        yeah and when you really start building a solid body, you'll notice the tightness near you groin. It makes the dick swell out even more and it looks good. Its just like the guy in all the instructional pictures, if you've seen them.
        Check out my progress log:
        Starting BPEL - 6.00 After 3 weeks BPEL - 6.75