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  • Extender concern

    I finally rec'd my Size Genetics in the mail today and am slowly getting used to it. I find that the 'strap-based' system is a bit difficult to insert and secure my penis without pinching the skin but this is probably just beginner's mistake.

    right now i am noticing two unusual things:

    the head of my penis gets rather cold after about 10-15 minutes of use (though i am told this is normal..?).


    i can hardly feel a stretch even though my flaccid penis is obviously stretched in the extender. maybe the confusion lies in the fact that i'd previously done hand stretches where i can really feel a stretch. it currently feels like it could take forever to see a gain with the almost non-existent stretch feeling. i experimented with the 2" extension rods but they seemed a bit too much stretch. anyone know why i am not feeling much of a stretch, if anything?

    any input would be much appreciated

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    The head getting cold is loss of circulation. This is normal for someone who has cut off circulation but is NOT NORMAL AND NOT SAFE!!
    Loosen your harness or release tension so you aren't cutting it off completely.

    As far as feeling the stretch, it probably doesn't pull nearly as hard as you do when manual stretching.
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      i read something about how long periods of low force strecthing is better for the body then short periods of high force stretching which tears and damages but this was scientific evidence based on body strecthing not your penis which is not a joint or bone so who nos if this is true for the penis to. but i would believe it would be so nothings wrong with your long periods of low force stretch long periods of high force strecth with your extender device would prob end up injuring you so just rock out fuck it strecth and jelq in hopes of that 8 inch monster all of us dream of