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  • PM's about my past injury

    Well I have been getting lot's of PM's from students of PE asking me how I healed my hard flaccid. I'm starting to get worried because I don't like to think so many guy's are hurting them selves. Most guys are telling me they are getting injured from the stretches. I understand the excitement of wanting to have all that size right away. You have to consider the risks. Less is more when starting out. Just try to the remember that.

    This is the advice that was passed to me. Now I will pass it to you.

    Rule number 1: Get your mind right. A nervous mind will cause shrinkage and limit your ability to fully heal.

    2: Start supplementing immediately. Magnesium for your nerves and 260 mg of Ginko a day to get healthy blood flowing to the area.

    3: Do at least "Three" 15 - 30 min hot compresses a day. These are crucial!

    4: No Kagels, stretches, masturbation or PE of any kind. I understand we are men and we have urges. Just know that Masturbating is a from of PE and can delay healing.

    5: If you have a special someone be honest with them. My wife was amazing support to me while I was healing.

    I also took Xanax for about a week to calm my mind down and relax my body. I know how scary this can be. Just know that you will heal. Be positive! No STRESS!

    Above is exactly what I used to get better. The whole process took about a month. GL! Stay safe! Always know your limits!

    Meet Senior Ricardo!
    FL 4"
    FG 3 something
    BPEL a lil over 7"
    EL 6 1/2
    EG 5.25
    Goal: A solid EL 7", EG 5 1/2

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    Thanks for that open and helpful post Noob!!
    Dr. PhibbysHammer has not got 3 degrees from HARVARD, YALE and PRINCETON and is in no way LICENSED TO PRACTICE MEDICINE or PSYCHOLOGY.