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Need advise on V-jelq

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  • Need advise on V-jelq

    I have read several posters mention the v-jelq is very good for girth and head size gains. This is exactly what I am looking for.
    I have been at PE for a couple of weeks now using the beginner routine, which includes v-jelqs.
    Since my penis is curved to the left I have trouble with it twisting while v-jelqing with my right hand. When it twists, the jelq is out of whack because my fingers are rubbing on the top and bottom of my penis, instead of the sides.
    Does anyone have experience with this or have any tips on how to cut down on the twist?

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    Try jelqing in between your middle finger and your ring finger . This may help
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      Are you using a firm enough grip? Also, try rotating your right wrist clockwise as you approach the curve, but keep a firm grip on the sides of your shaft. Make sure you push the v of your fingers deep onto your shaft before starting your stroke.
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