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    i just wanted to say hello to everyone and maybe ask a question or two.

    hello everyone, first i liked to thank the creators of this site, and the posters for maintaining this site in an effort to contribute to man's quest for a big schlong.

    I'd like to start off by saying that I've been on and off P.E. for about 2 years, never being proactive with keeping journals, growth stats, etc.

    my current stats are: 7.6 inches bpel, and my erect girth is 5 inches.

    my current goal is to gain a half in inch in girth at least, with a long term goal of attaining a unit with 6 inches circumference.

    today i had a freelancing workout where i was all over the place with the training, still trying to come up with my own personal routine.

    today's routine consisted of, a five minute warm up, 4 sets of 50 kegels while lying on my back (i heard of peter north doing something similar with a book or something)followed by 5-30 sec erect bends (to straighten) 5 sets of 20 slow jelqs ending each set with a ten second horsequeeze and a ten second uli.

    most of my workouts for the last year have been in adventure to say the least.I've read a couple of threads regarding girth routines but I'm not really sure to where to start really.I plan on having a kegel and erect bend session sometime before the weekend, putting all girth work off till sunday.

    i would like to say that the best girth work out remember having consisted of a lot of horsequeezes; if i can remember correctly i did about 5 minutes warm up,5 minutes of jelqing,40 horsequeezes, holding the squeeze for 10 seconds for the first ten, going up five seconds of holding with every tenth set, 5 minutes of jelqing, finishing with a 5 minute warmed down.

    when i was done with that session, i was ecstatic at how fat my dick was.the next day, it was still relatively girthy from the workout of the night before measuring at 5.3 in erect circumference that day.

    after that day i became pretty overzealous and i over EQ got worse, so i decided to not train again for a over a month.i got on the newbie routine for a couple of weeks, than started freelancing until yesterday's session.from some of the knowledge I've gained from the thread i linked, i intend to have a routine consisting of

    15 warm up
    4 sets of 50 kegels
    5 minute of slow jelq
    the horsequeeze routine
    5 minute jelq
    and 15 minutes of warmed down.

    with 2 days of rest between workouts.

    is it too much? too little?no pun intended.
    any contribution is welcomed.sincerely, Volta.
    8 bpel x 5.25 mseg

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    Thirty minutes of warming up/down seems like a lot of time. Many don't warm up/down at all when jelqing. You could kegel while jelqing to also save some time, or simply do your kegels during the day and not while on your routine. You are spending about 35 minutes of your 45 minute routine not jelqing, as you can also incorporate the horse squeezes within your jelqing time of ten minutes. Ten minutes of three second jelqs equates to about 200 of them. Definitely add v-jelqs to your equation. A pretty basic routine I do (three days a week) is 50 downward three second jelqs and 30 v-jelqs. This counts as one set, and I do three sets per workout. While doing the 50 downwards I mix it up and do some horse squeezes, and bends. Personally I don't warm up or down, and my whole routine when jelqing takes about 15 minutes (this includes the extra time for the horse squeezes). Everyone is different, and my routine could be pure bs for someone else, but I have added a solid 1/2" to my mid girth since I started, and even more to my base girth. I also jelq my testicles and have had a lot of success with it. I have increased the number to 100 upward testicle jelqs and 100 downward. I start my jelqing session doing these because my balls are hanging lower naturally at the start then finish, but I don't include the time spent doing them to my penis jelqing.

    I should add that I jelq with and erection level between 50-75% for the most part.
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      Wouldnt slow Vjelqs with a flaccid be a slow warm - up? Friction should heat it up inside pretty fast
      Starting stats JULY 1st ,2009
      8" bpel
      5.5 erect girth

      August 10,2009
      8 3/4 bpel !!!
      5 3/4 erect girth !!!

      10 bpel
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      It's official I'm growing a monster


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        at rbi,

        i know, but I read kingpole's reply in the thread i linked, and i though that might be helpful in maximizing gains.

        and as far as the v-jelq, I'm not familiar with that exercise.
        8 bpel x 5.25 mseg