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Just started, gains and routine

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  • Just started, gains and routine

    Well Ive been lurking the boards for a while and decided to give PE a try. So now about 1 month in and I'm already seeing gains. The gains are encouraging but wow the improvement in sexual endurance is amazing. I LOVE KEGELS AND EDGING. I went from not enjoying sex all because of having no control over ejaculation. Now I last for as long as I want and actually enjoy sex instead of worrying about losing it too early. Anyway my routine is basically kingpole's beginner routine with flaccid bends.

    15 min warm up
    30second stretches in 4 directions
    10second rotation stretches
    20 second flaccid bends down, left, right
    20 v-jelg
    20 upside down v-jelg
    50 kegels This part i guess I do differently then most I dont know if its helpful or not but I do them like interval training. first 10 I hold for 10 seconds then 11-20 hold for 20 seconds 21-30 10 seconds again then 31-40 25 and back down to 10seconds for 41-50. It really helps I went from barly holding one 10seconds to being able to hold for about a min and 30seconds quite strongly.
    and finally finish with a 20min edge session usually with ejaculation


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    Hmm, that's good the longest i ever held a kegel was 45 minutes.

    For I will restore health unto thee and I will heal thee of thine wounds, saith the Lord Jeremiah 30:17