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Think I've gained a little already.

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  • Think I've gained a little already.

    I started a thread the other day about how long it takes to gain an inch.

    Well I'm sure I've gained about a CM in length, in the last couple of weeks and I only did the exercises twice last week.

    I measured myself with a 6 inch ruler, now you all know that really it's not 6 inches it's six and a small bit, because you have a little bit of plastic at either end.

    Now when I stick my penis to that ruler it measures the exact length, whereas before it was a little shorter.

    Also I read that if your penis is bent (my bends downwards), you should measure with a flexible tape measure to get a more accurate length. If that's true I've almost gained 1/4 of an inch.

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    Another thing, about warming up.

    Is it okay to have a bath as a warm up, and for a warm down to use a cup with warm water? I don't have a micro wave, and it's not easy to get some privacy unless I'm in the bathroom.

    I usually have a bath at night for about 20 minutes, then do the routine, then stick my penis in a cup with warm water for 6 minutes as a warm down.

    Is that okay?


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      Hot baths would be great for Heatup, as moist Heat is actually the most penetrating form and last longest. Please continue to keep a detailed log of your gains.
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