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  • Flaccid gains

    Hi guys, i just wanted to know what are the best exersises for flaccid length and girth gains?

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    Absolute best single exercise for flaccid length gains is the Lazy Ass Stretch. Stand up, pull your pecker between your legs and along your butt crack. Keep it stretched out and then carefully sit down on it. I have a little more girth then most, and because of that my flaccid penis tended to hang at a 45degree angle. One thing this exercise did was stretch the upper ligament and now my flaccid penis hangs straight down. I have always wanted it to do that, but until coming on board here I didn't think there was anything I could do about it. It has also added at least 1/2" to my flaccid length. I have sat on it for as long as an hour without getting up. Guys with really large balls have had to move them to one side before sitting down. My balls are pretty decent and I just pull my cock right up the middle of them, leaving one on each side of the shaft.
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