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A PI Question & A Jelq Question

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  • A PI Question & A Jelq Question

    Hi, I just had a few quick questions, I'm on my week #4 of the JP90!

    1) So, like two days ago, I was getting a LOT of erections during the session where I would have to stop and take a break. I wasn't thinking of anything sexual and I wasn't turned on, but even after each round of stretching I was getting erect. Ordinarily I have to take a break or two during jelqs/v-jelqs, but never this consistently. Was this a fluke, or is that possibly a negative PI? It didn't happen again in my most recent session, it was just really weird so I wanted to make sure.

    2) For jelqing, we're supposed to be starting the grip at the base of the penis. This just occurred to me; should we be going all the way down to the pubic bone (like when measuring BPEL), or just at the natural base of the penis (like NBPEL)?

    Thanks for the help!
    Starting (7/31/12): BPEL - 6 7/16", EG - 4 7/8"
    Goal (Whenever): BPEL - 8", EG - 5 3/4"

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    1. A negative PI - are you crazy!? Yes, these spontaneous boners are annoying, but erections are healthy. You were probably very relaxed, aroused about something, or haven't ejaculated in a while. Normal bodily response. Smart move taking a break when this happened.

    2. Get to the base! Yes, you will have to compress the fat pad a bit, but it's not so tough. I find it easiest to compress the fat pad when using a grip that places the thumb and pointer finger towards my body, and pinky facing away from me. Find what works for you. Soon the motion will be natural.
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      Thank you for the answers! I will keep those in mind, just wanted to make sure nothing was going wrong and that I wasn't doing something bad by trying to jelq starting at the pubic bone.
      Starting (7/31/12): BPEL - 6 7/16", EG - 4 7/8"
      Goal (Whenever): BPEL - 8", EG - 5 3/4"