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  • The official multitasking thread

    I notice that there are a lot of threads with a common theme of "how can I make my routine shorter?" This thread is dedicated to all ideas involving multitasking a warm-up for optimum efficiency. In an ideal scenario, the time spent on a warm-up can be almost entirely negated if you can do something useful during that time. Jelqing and stretching are a little different, since they require your hands.

    Below is my list. I welcome all users to post their best ideas for the benefit of others that are wondering how to make the most of their time. If you make use of your warm-up time, you can, in effect, reduce the amount of extra time you need to set aside for PE. We've got other stuff we'd like to be doing. Since warming up is very important, the last thing we want to do is rush.

    * I would like to add that I am a proponent of avoiding the testicles during a warm-up. I don't have any studies or statistics, but look at it this way: What do your testicles do when your body gets warm? They descend to escape the heat and stay cool. How do sperm banks store sperm for later? They keep it cold. I don't think that direct heat is good for the testicles. If someone would like to prove me wrong, I welcome information, but I avoid direct heat from hot towels, rice socks or whatever application.*

    Hot towel warm-ups - Apply the towel while brushing/flossing your teeth, shaving, washing your face, styling your hair, putting on deodorant etc. (bathroom stuff). If you're doing a hot towel warm-up, start it as soon as you get in the bathroom. If you take 10 minutes in there, the only down-time ought to be the time spent wetting and re-wetting the towel. Keep it warm. This works great when preceded by a nice warm shower.

    Rice sock - Use it during your pre-bed routine. I like to do some basic gym stretching (non-PE) before bed, and it's a great time to have the sock in. Read a book, check e-mails or finish other computer-based tasks. Keep the sock in while doing morning prep, such as putting out your clothes or gathering your books if you're a student. All of this stuff can be done with the rice sock just outside your boxers/underwear if it's too hot, or inside if it won't burn your skin (be careful!). Even the rice sock can be used during nightly bathroom rituals. If you're going to be washing up for 5-10 minutes, you may as well be warming up too. Just don't get too distracted. Direct heat can burn.

    Looking forward to reading your best tips for efficiency.
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    When I do my warmup, I'm usually on facebook, or on, or reading something else.
    I have the jelq-free routine, so... One part of it allows me to keep some focus on something else.
    I'll watch a video for the 30-50 minutes of that part.
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      Not a warm up, but I get in 20 minutes of pumping while doing my morning bathroom tasks, including my shower.

      I get in a lot of tv viewing and catching up on new PEGym posts while in my extender.

      Get in sme sleep while doing bed fowfers.

      Do almost anything such as shopping, driving, and odd jobs around the house while wearing my ADS.
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