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Jelqing how much squeeze

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  • Jelqing how much squeeze

    Hey all,

    I'm just curious as to how much squeeze everyone applies while Jelqing? Am pretty sure I'm applying too much squeeze hence why I need to take about a week off due to EQ being poor but I've just started and trying to get it to the best I can.

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    Your grip should be as loose as possible while still being able to move blood. After your break, use one session as a test bed to find your grip intensity. Start off with a grip that's too light to really do anything, and start gradually making your grip tighter until you start seeing blood move to the tip as you jelq. That's all you need. Once you get more experienced with PE, you'll figure out just what works best for you without going overboard.


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      ^^ that's good advice

      I always remember, "not hard enough to break an eggshell". You can actually squeeze an egg to be sure, but it's actually stronger than you'd think. That's why DemOne's advice is better. During my 2nd or 3rd month I lost a little bit of girth I think from a jelqing grip that was too tight. A lighter grip can not only be safer, but actually more effective.


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        Dem's advice is excellent, however, this is not a one size fits all. Personally, I experimented with my grip until I found the safest, max grip I could use. For some a lighter grip is preferred, but that is not the correct way, only the way some choose to use. Personally, the stronger the grip the less amount of blood can escape behind it. Thus the max amount of blood reaches your glans. I increase the amount of blood that reaches my glans by jelqing in a downward direction (I let gravity aide me in getting as much blood through my shaft and into my glans). My max grip is not the correct way, only the way I choose to do it. I might add I have never had any kind of injury. But start off with a light grip and slowly work your way up the ladder in the safest manner possible until you find the grip strength that you like.
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