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My BPL increased almost an inch, my NBPL stays the same

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  • My BPL increased almost an inch, my NBPL stays the same

    I mean, I have the same weight (I am overweight but not obese) I had when I started and it drives me nuts. How could I go from 5.8 to 6.7 inches in length when bonepressed and stay the same length when none-bonepressed? It doesn't make sense. Is my dick growing inwards or is my skin just more accommodated to the pressure and I haven't gained anything in reality?
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    Why do you care for NBPL? are you a porn actor? whenever you have sex, you go deep thus BPL is what counts. Same for BJ.
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      Is it bigger in comparison? Might be a measurement issue. NBPEL is not reliant.
      Having lower water intake could change the thickness of that skin fast but it wouldn't change it bone pressed.
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        Yeah that's the problem. I don't feels longer and when I push all the fat I can tell it's longer but NBPL is what I care about as I have little over an inch of fatpad according to my measurements. Yes, I am working on losing weight too