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proplem with my grith increase

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  • proplem with my grith increase

    Hi everyone, I have recently realized that after 4 months with exercises I take from this forum is finally active my penis's grith. But I have some problems with this, It not increase the same for the whole part. When I'm jelping, It stop when my finger reach at the glans and with this position but below of my penis is not increase the grith. It look like sunken inwards (just a little bit) . So is my technique wrong and how do I fix it ?
    Sorry about my english but you can see the picture below to understand what is my talking about.

    Thank you


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    This can be common for some people, I personally haven't had this issue but we're all different. So just like with working out some people develop differently and you may have to do other exercises to achieve your desired results. There are many different exercises that you can do to help with achieving more girth down by the base such as the horse squeeze. You'll want to be very careful with these exercises though as they cause immense pressure. Good luck and keep up the routine.


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      Hmm. Be careful here. Looks like the under area below your glands is the Frenelum location. Hope you haven’t ripped or torn it. Take a look and be sure it’s intact.
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