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First Jelqing/ Stretching Session

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  • First Jelqing/ Stretching Session

    Did my first PE routine today.
    Warmed up in the shower for 5 min, then began stretching out, left, right, circles. Then wet jelqed for 35 reps at 50-70% erect. My grip was a little strong for the first ten, but dialed it back.
    Now, when flaccid, there is a firmness in the shaft of my penis. Is this normal?

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    Yes its normal as long as it doesn t last for more than 3h.
    After 3h your flaccid should be becoming longer-thicker-softer than your original flaccid.
    If this doesn t happen it means you are overtraining so you have to back off the tension.

    Micro-damage is what you are looking for. And this is why it turtles after the PE session and it has to become bigger after 1-3 hours.
    If it is not recovering its turtled state after 1-3 hours ( and it last until your next PE workout) it means that you created a Macro-damage and this is not productive for gains and its also bad for your dick health.
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