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  • Lost gained girth

    Hi all,

    I started my journey mid September / October. JP90 was confusing (or I should say I got confused going through bunch of links) and I was doing it wrong. But I had results. I was doing stretching + started with 15 minutes and gradually went up to 45 mins of JELQ'ing (regular wet JELQ).

    My stats were:
    September: 5.5 BPEL, 4.2 girth
    December: 6.6 BPEL, 4.5 girth (and I have been plateauing here... I am not in a hurry. I would much rather take it easy and not get an injury)

    On 12/16, after continuing to do research and reading up, I put together what JP90 is supposed to be and started doing it correctly (I think). Girth is more important to me. This week, my girth seemed to be smaller so I measured it and I am back to 4.2. I am only doing around 20 mins of JELQ'ing since 12/16. Around 300 Wet JELQs and 270 V-JELQs.

    What is going on? Do you think it is due to an injury or should I raise the JELQ'ing. I know I will always have to continue to maintain but I did not think I would loose it this quick. Do you guys think it is an injury. I do get sharp pain night time or in the morning. Or is it the amount of JELQ'ing?

    I continue to do take Vitamin B & L-ARginine.


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    Overtained, take it easy
    BPEL: 7" (+3/4")
    NPBEL: 6 1/2" (+3/4")
    MSEG: 5Ē (+1/4")


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      Sharp pain?


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        Pain is never a positive sign.

        Take it easy, work on kegels/pelvic floor for a few weeks until youíre pain free and your EQ is normal/better than normal.

        Donít worry about your gains. Getting them back is easier than getting them in the first place. If you lose anything itís temporary

        However if you continue to push through pain you could end up with a permanent injury.
        Start - Nov 2020
        6.75 x 126mm

        Latest - Nov 2021
        7.30 x 128

        (BPEL x MSEG)


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          Could just be a temporary variance. My girth varies quite regularly even when not doing PE.


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            Stop until all pains are gone! and then ramp it up slowly to what you did when you gained!
            2-3 months PE is probably not enough to have permanent gains. Elastic temporary gains that will revert to 0 when you stop doing it.
            PE is a fine line. Never have pain especially not sharp pains. stop until gone. start lower increase intensity slowly..observe.
            25cm! Let's go!