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How do you grip the skin with your second hand with one handed jelqs?

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  • How do you grip the skin with your second hand with one handed jelqs?

    Im uncut so its hard to jelq without pulling the skin. So i started doing one handed jelqs with one hand holding the skin back but my question is if you hold it with an ok shaped grip or if u take your index and middle finger and form a V shape? Cant seem to find a comfortble grip when holding back the skin.

    And i also wondered if its still effective to jelq with your skin over the glans and just jelq normally with two hands

    any tips?

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    Stick with using both hands. When your stroking grip is about half way up the shaft use your free hand to grip(Ok grip) the skin just below it and pull the skin back down to the base and hold it there. Your free hand will now be in place ready to tighten the grip with the skin pulled back and start it's stroke once the other hand reaches the glans. Just keep repeating this process and and it should significantly reduce the amount of skin being pulled up from the base while jelqing.
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