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omega 3's and 6's

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  • omega 3's and 6's

    Besides the pro's what are the con's?
    I just noticed these capsules give me that fish burp smell and I would hate that if I was with my girl.
    Also I heard that they help grow new nerve endings and can lead to an even more sensitive penis in my case and therefore premature ejaculation?
    Another question, how long should I take it for before I know I am no longer deficient?

    Thanks for any advice on these.

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    Never heard of the premature ejaculation thing. I usually take about 1200mg/day. Your body constantly uses it so I think continual usage is OK.
    A tip for the fish burps; keep your capsules in the freezer. It helps keep that to a minimum. Also, try taking them at night.
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      All I know is that the nerves in the penis are associated with the somatic nervous system. New nerve ending cannot be grown, but can be repaired. It is likely that it could lead to a greater reception of stimuli, but this can be treated just the same way as how uncircumcised mans penis sensitivity has to get used to being circumcised- the mind would eventually become tolerant, and it would feel less sensitive.
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        luvs2meatspin: I hope so.
        Iguana: Great Tips. kudos


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          Slanker, I'm curious: Where did you hear about omega 3's and premature ejaculation?

          By the way, how have your gains been lately?
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            Remek: somebody mentioned it on ************* on the sexual health forum and they were chatting about the possible affects.

            My gains, I am due to measure at the end of the month. I don't measure often because I don't want to be demotivated. I am aware that I have potential for gains but I am a slow gainer and it's gonna take hard work. My BPFSL is looking stable and gaining mm by mm, my penis feels harder, thicker and bigger all round, my BPEL is slow to catch up presumably minutely so. I am sure if I took some blood flow supplements like tongkat ali or arginine I would see the gain. Although right now I am on nothing except the omega's.