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I think I just had a dry orgasm..

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  • Pirate
    It does sound like your body is figuring out how to separate ejaculation from orgasm. It might be that your orgasms suck because you are ejaculating before you orgasm so, maybe, you are not actually reaching orgasm at all. Does that make any sense?
    I suggest that you keep working on it. I, also, tend to lose my EQ after a DO but I am getting better at maintaining it.
    Please let us all know how it goes for you.

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  • NP97
    1. Dunno how that is possible... lol.
    2. It takes some getting use to. Eventually you will be able to keep a somewhat higher erection level afterwords. Mine use to drop from a 9-10 to a 5. Now it drops to a 7-8.

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  • Snowblind3
    started a topic I think I just had a dry orgasm..

    I think I just had a dry orgasm..

    Or a minor one at least...

    I've been doing edging as part of my routine 3x a week for about 9 weeks I stay my hardest is by almost always being at the PONR. Well, the thing is, if I get too far to the PONR and I kegel really hard and even hold back the cum my body thinks, or is used to, me cumming and so I lose my arousal physically and mentally..quite annoying. Anyways, I am still trying to train my body to get used to it.

    Anyways, my orgasms suck. Like whenever I ejaculate all it is is a feeling of release and nothing much more. Well, as I was edging I felt as if I was going to cum and went to the PONR and so I tried to get there as fast as possible to have a big finish :P. Well...I felt as if I was going to cum and then nothing and I had a slight buzz and nothing came out and once again my arousal diminished and all that.

    So..basically, I think I can have more dry orgasms now...but it doesn't matter if
    1. Your orgasms suck
    2. Even if it is dry you can't have multiple orgasms and your dick just shuts down -.-

    Any questions, comments, advice is all welcome.