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Trust Yourself

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  • Trust Yourself

    Ive always been very active, and being a life long athlete, i have a very good understanding of my body. Just as with my arms, legs, abs, wtv.. you can naturally feel how much to stretch, how far to push it, etc.

    I've been reading many posts/questions where people are asking others when they should stop, start, go, wtv.
    I, more or less, believe that the info on here is a general guide, and that you should be using your own feelings, and your own bodies indications to gage how much to do anything. Pain is an obvious indication to STOP IMMEDIATELY..
    but there are other indicators as well.

    I would say before you up your routine, or even set your routine, I would follow what my gut says.
    We are all different, and although the advice on here is great.. like holy shit.. who ever started this site should be a saint..
    i just think that maybe you should be asking yourself before you ask others..
    my coach doesnt up my weights.. i do..
    so dont over exert yourselves people..

    also.. seriously.. whoever started this site should be a saint..
    lets get on it people...
    i got BIG hopes.. get it.. BIG hopes... like a BIG penis.. get it.. god ur stupid..

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    Smallie. Welcome to the PE Gym. YES! My mantra..."Listen to your body."

    I've got a Tiger by the tail.


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      Welcome to the Gym, smallie!
      "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein