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Splitting up routine due to work schedule will it hurt my gains?

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  • Splitting up routine due to work schedule will it hurt my gains?

    I i stretch and kegal in the morningand due jelqing at night will that not b as effective as doing them all in one session? I am a firefighter/EMT and my schedule gets nutz.

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    Hi man,
    I suggest you to do in different sessions. One exercise morning anoder evening. I think you’ll be more concentrated when make it.
    Good luck.
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      Oh WOW! , we truly need an EMT/Firefighter around here. Flame wars, hurt ego's, bruised feelings, broken goals; it just never ends.

      I'll dig up and application and get it to you. You are so lucky.

      I thinks splitting things up to fit your lifestyle is ok to do.

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        I think what you are suggesting is fine. I wouldn't break up a jelqing session or a stretching session, but doing one to completion and later doing the other to completion should be fine. You also might consider doing one longer jelqing or stretching session and then doing the other one the next day. In other words, do one one day and the other the next. I did/do a UJ session one day and my UV session the next. Never both on the same day. I put a lot of intensity into my workouts and this has helped me maximize my girth gains by both the intensity and the fact either my CCs or CS got a break each day. I quit trying for length a long time ago because that area just wasn't happening for me.
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          So should I not have a set routine sir? Should I just take it day by day due to my schedule.


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            I break up my routine to 3 or 4 sessions per day.

            I do stretching throughout the day and edging and jelqing in the evening. 3 sessions at 10 minutes each then the last at about 30 in the shower.
            I've seen decent gains.
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