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ligament pops during sex.

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  • ligament pops during sex.

    is ligament pops during sex the same as ligament pops when pe'ing?
    it kinda feels like a pop at the base of my penis.
    would it make me have a lot of gains like the pop during pe'ing that you guys were talking about?

    if i had a ligament pop during sex should i stop or not nut so the pop would be in effect and help me grow?

  • #2
    a ligament pop during sex.... Now thats something ive never heard of
    Yeap im gonna get bigger.


    • #3
      wow thats messed up, you better stop PE'ing and let yourself heal for about a month atleast.


      • #4
        how's that messed up?
        i thought it was a good thing


        • #5
          Gram: This story calls for a play by play, or at least a few answers:

          What position were you in? What did you do after it happened? Did your partner say anything?

          As you your questions: You can continue to PE so long as everything else is fine and it doesn't cause pain (pain is bad!). You might want to take it light for a few days, though.
          "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein


          • #6
            we were in missionary.
            what happened was..her pussy was still kinda downward and i leaned my body upward so my dick was slanted like this \ basically and i could feel a crack happen.
            it doesn't hurt or anything, it's happened before but i didn't think anything of it.

            but should i expect gains as other people that have lig pops doing PE?